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Composable Docker Management

Built on Docker Swarm, Shipyard gives you the ability to manage Docker resources including containers, images, private registries and more.

Shipyard differs from other management applications in that it promotes composability and is 100% compatible with the Docker Remote API. Shipyard manages containers, images, nodes, private registries cluster-wide as well as providing authentication and role based access control.

User Interface

The user interface provides simple management over your Docker cluster. You can manage containers, cluster images, private registries, authentication and more.

For details, see the Walkthrough.


At the core of Shipyard is the API. Shipyard is built from the ground up with the API at the center. The web UI uses the API for all functionality. By using service keys, you can interact directly with the Shipyard API to manage a Docker Swarm cluster and build custom integration.

More Info

See the Docs for information on working with Shipyard.

See the Deployment Guide to get a Shipyard instance deployed.


If you run into issues, please don't hesitate to find help on IRC (#shipyard on Freenode) or via the GitHub project.